Iraq Government Has A Choice: Sink or Swim

June 25th, 2014

Looks like Iraq is in trouble once again. Dinar is holding its own on the the Iraqi market, which is good.

January 1 of this year 2014 start off on a bad foot with the take over of Fallujah Iraq and it has not improved.

I am a bit surprised at how Iraq Prime Minister Maliki completed and won the April elections on time despite all the carnage before and now after the elections. Iraq governments purchase of over 30 F16 fighter jets this year from a company in Texas seems like a good move.

The great thing about this whole ordeal is that now we will see Iraq sink or swim, it’s now or never. We can only take it with a grain of salt. And don’t expect an RV to happen right about how to save everything. How on earth would all that government currency safely move around the country at a time like this, its rhetorical.

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Iraq PM Nuri Maliki 68 Seats in The Lead: Unconfirmed Reports

May 2nd, 2014

The local Baghdad media has reported that Prime Minister Nuri Maliki is currently in the lead with 68 seats. The next contender, Abdul al-Hakim, (the one that would like to take Iraqi’s to the stone ages) currently has 48 seats. These are unconfirmed reports as the Iraq Election Committee is continuing with the vote count. We should have more concrete results by next week.

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Iraq news updates on al-Sadr, TNT Tony, and the dinar revaluation

February 19th, 2014

al-Sadr Steps Down From Iraqi Politics

If you hadn’t known al-Sadr has retired from Iraqi politics, he was a thorn in the sides of coalition forces back in the day. Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has one less major thorn in his own side with al-Sadr stepping down from the political ring in

BBC And IMF Call TNT Tony An Outright Fraud

My friend Rich Morris who runs the website called American Contractor informed me about a dinar related social news trend a couple weeks ago called #wearethepeople. Rich tole me he saw the parent fanpage on facebook go from virtually no fans to over 10,000 basically overnight. I’m not against a dinar related campaign catching fire and giving credit where credit is due but I saw something wrong with the picture way before TNT Tony, the creator, got black labelled by the IMF. Allow me to explain.

Hash tags are known as this symbol # and when they are put in front of a phrase like #pizza they can be used to create trends. In this case TNT Tony created a campaign using a hash tag and name #wearethepeople but I saw a more sinister motive immediately which I told Rich about.

This Tony guy, an Iraqi Dinar guru of sorts, paid blogtalkradio for the rights to produce his own online radio show to promote his agenda as it relates to the dinar. The problem I found was that TNT Tony was rallying his following of dinar investors to approach local USA congressman to somehow make the Iraqi Dinar currency revaluation happen. Tony in my opinion was manipulating good citizens by using patriotism and USA politics to create a cheap buzz that I predicted would not last, and it didn’t. I mean, how could it last?

Tony was telling 25,000 of his own dinar investor followers (you may be one of then) that ‘we are the people’ approach your congressmen, tell the congressmen to ‘release the rv’ and things of that nature. Apparently Tony’s twitter campaign was some 250,000 followers strong with some critics citing research that 90% of the twitter followers were fake. 25,000 real followers, with a total of 250,000 followers including fake ones. Just imagine the power of influence Tony had on his group using twitter to achieve his dinar buzz agenda.

Then BBC caught wind of the trend, yes, THE BBC news agency of Europe. BBC has power to investigate stories and trends like Tony’s wearethepeople. So BBC contacting the IMF, International Monetary Fund. IMF is one of the KEY international agencies that will help orchestrate the Iraqi Dinar revaluation when the time comes. The IMF told the BBC that Tony’s #wearethepeople campaign is total fraud. Keep in mind this is coming from an agency that actually executes the RV. The only other agencies as big as the IMF as far as orchestrating an RV is concerned would be the WTO and the CBI. See the shocking truth about the BBC and IMF striking down TNT Tony’s bull shit campaign by clicking here. What happened next? TNT Tony shut down is BlogTalkRadio show which he was paying about $250 a month for rights to broadcast on the network. He made his sponsor revenue but pissed off thousands of people, and probably caused a few marriages to fail by encouraging people to over spend on dinar. I don’t like that.

Good News About The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

DrDinar is not against good news about the dinar rv but our dinar reporting has to be authentic, and it is. Take a look at this page and the embedded video posted by American Contractor on his blog today. This is what dinar rv updates are all about, real people, real information, to help you with your investing decisions. I watched the whole video that is on the post but the real good dinar RV stuff starts around 7:37.

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5 Reasons To Hold On To Your Dinar Despite Fallujah Invasion 2014

February 5th, 2014

See the 5 reasons to hold on to your dinar below this video by American Contractor

1. Dinar in good hands

Your dinar is in good hands with the Iraqi Government and this entire fiasco could be the wake up call that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki needs to put the required money into Iraq National security instead of lining his own pockets.

2. Your risk tolerance allows it

If you can’t sleep at night worrying about loosing your money or if you simply cannot afford to loose all your dinar investment then you should sell your dinar now. Otherwise your risk tolerance may be enough to withstand the rigors of the current events as they relate to your iraqi dinars.

3. You believe Iraq will do the right thing

If you are like me and believe that the Iraqi government will not delay required action to take back Fallujah in February 2014 then this is one factor that a dinar holder should have.

4. You don’t believe that the revaluation is this month

Anyone who believes that the dinar revaluation is this month automatically is misled. Violence in a country is one of the factors that prohibits a revaluation from taking place. A currency revaluation is a high wire act even when things are going good, look at countries that had RV’s. Peace is one of the requirements. Believing this prepares you for the risk of owning dinar.

5. Your gut feeling

What is your gut feeling telling you about the dinar situation? For some it might be buying more dinar, or selling dinar for others. This all depends on how your filter the Iraq economic situation through your own beliefs and values.


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“What Will Happen To My Dinar Because Of War In Iraq?”

January 29th, 2014

Dinar selling cheer leaders can only shovel the ‘this month revaluation’ crap so much before the truth is blatantly obvious to every thick headed dinar investors who seem to be the last to agree with reality. This is not to say that you are one of these people! You are a smart dinar investor by virtue of reading this much of a DrDinar article anyway ; ) So the question remains – Will dinar suffer because of war?

USA Government Just Sold 24 Attack Helicopters To Iraq Government

As stated by Iraqi Dinar intel expert American Contractor in our secret dinar group “Enemy forces are gaining power the longer the Iraq Government waits”. We are now wondering if Iraq government will take action in time to save Baghdad from getting taken over. This is a big concern, the biggest. Pentagon officials in USA informed congress January 28 2014 that a $4.8 billion dollar deal has been executed to sell 24 Apache attack helicopters to Iraq. Will the birds get into Iraqi air space with proper training in time to make a difference is our question. These types of concerns are all part and parcel of having the opportunity to make money is a high risk investment like the dinars.

When is the right time for an RV?

As common sense will cause you to agree, a dinar revaluation can only take place once the Government of Iraq creates a safe network in Iraq where dinars can be physically moved from bank to bank and city to city. Fallujah is a prime example that a revaluation would never get international support (which is required) at this time due to the obviously failure in any attempt to safely move extremely high volumes of dinar currency in of out of and within Iraq.

At the start of 2014 before the Fallujah invasion took place Iraq was in a strong position to export record numbers of oil thereby increasing revenue for the Central Bank of Iraq and respective government. Iraq was positioned to flood the oil market with help from Iran strategically to challenge the Saudi Arabia market share for oil revenue. A balance in military security in the country is now revealed to be out of balance and these monetary goals will be slowed until Iraq government shows Bin Laden worshipers who’s boss.

The upcoming April 2014 elections in Iraq create a deadline for Iraq government leadership to take massive action to win votes. Fallujah just may be the straw that broke the camels back for Iraq allies to come together within Iraq’s government and Iraqi government supporters in order to take the economy to the next level. War does not necessarily mean a weaker dinar. Take a look at how USA involvement in world war 2 initiated a buzzing economy with increased factory work.

Some dinar revaluation objectives have been unclear until now, it is very clear what needs to happen to keep the dinar going in the right direction. Iraq’s security must be taken care of, political strength must be maximized within Iraq government enough to deploy enough protection to secure Baghdad and regain police control in Fallujah.

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Real Iraq Dinar Intel Has NOTHING To Do With Useless Currency Statistics

January 19th, 2014

Real Iraq Dinar intelligence has 3 main ingredients.

1. Real intel for your dinars is based on applicable Iraq current events explained in an easy to understand format that forms a story that is believable and true.

2. Genuine Iraqi dinar news updates should be just a small part of different events all related together from an intel source in Iraq or who has been to Iraq and has a strong understanding of what is actually going on among all the dinar cheer leaders.

3. Real information on dinar is not profit driven but rather, truth driven, and profits become a side effect for the individual or entity who delivers such fine dinar RV intel taking the good with the bad. Unreliable Iraq news sources are more concerned with censoring out valuable real intel to make a dis-honest profit such as Adam Montana (not even his real name) who notoriously blocks out any attempt of his readers from typing the names of other dinar guru’s on his forums during intellectual discussions in his community.

Please enjoy some of the best Iraqi Dinar information from American Contractor relating to Fallujah Iraq, absolutely amazing focus, research, and intel that you can actually sink your teeth into while deciding whether you will buy more dinar, or sell some or all dinar, or hold your dinar for the long term. At DrDinar we want to help provide you with the info you need to decide your own risk tolerance by reporting honesty while building our dinar community through popular demand.

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Central Bank of Iraq Exchange Rates Showing Blank Results On CBI Site

January 13th, 2014

One of my veteran Dinar friends private messaged me on facebook about the Central Bank of Iraq web site showing blank results for the first time ever where the current dinar exchange rate is suppose to be.

Without even looking into this further myself I used common sense to respond with as good of an answer that any other honest dinar reporter would say. I told my man Tim in Oklahoma that the CBI probably has neglected the task of updated the dinar rate on the site due to much more important things considering the full out civil war a mere 45 miles away from Baghdad in Fullujah Iraq.

It is my opinion on this matter that Iraq Government agencies including Central Bank of Iraq are executing some sort of emergency plan right now which would leave details like web site updates on the back burner. It just makes sense, and knowing that the Government of Iraq has not been overturned tells us that the Iraqi Dinar is still the official currency of Iraq and the rate of the currency has not been affected in the scheme of things.

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More Iraq Dinar Information From American Contractors Dubai Webinars

December 18th, 2013

I just finished watching the second dinar webinar that American Contractor produced live in front of his loyal audience in early december 2013. This time there was a sleek focus on the visual presentation where Rich Morris made use of various intel source pages centered around his discussion. Here are some of the highlights from another very informative, from the cuff, high power Dinar information delivered by American Contractor:à

“Will there be a new currency in 2014?”, question from attendee named Todd.

AC- “They don’t need an RV to redo the currency. They have not got to that step yet”

“Revaluation in the near future? Not in 30 days like all the gurus are proclaiming?”, from attendee Sadie.

“Terrorism, money laundering, counterfeit problems in Iraq (need to be addressed), Travel to all the banks in Iraq, to deliver the new currency”, AC was discussing a very important point that I never realized myself till now. Any changes in the Iraqi dinar currency will require very complex security to deliver the banknotes to all the banks in all the cities in Iraq. The country just does not seem ready for this undertaking as of yet, my words not AC.

“Are contractors being paid in USD or Iraqi Dinar?”, asks an unnamed attendee.

“US government contractor will most likely get paid in USD, Iraqis get paid in Iraqi Dinar.”

American Contractor explained a very profound situation in the Iraq banking system. If you open up an account at Bank of Baghdad branch 1, and wait for your debit card to arrive within 2 weeks, your bank debit card will only work at that bank and not their other locations even in the same city. Imagine doing business from one bank to another, one city to another in Iraq.

“Takes years to get trained on (banking) software”, AC explains.

So what is the Iraq security situation like in the month of December 2013, lets take a look at the 2nd of december. In Sulaimaniyah Iraq, there was an attack, this was once a safe city in the past. Two Peshmerga officers wounded. Just not the right time to be moving multi million dollars of currency around in Iraq for a new banknote or let alone an RV.

236 Kuwaiti citizen corpses found in Iraq from the Gulf War. This is creating a RIF between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi government because Kuwait had been pressuring Iraq for years to find these bodies. Now that they are found, it does not impress Kuwait to have this all over the news but Iraq government is taking advantage of the accomplishment.

“If they find this there is probably a little bit more”, AC speaking about the body count regarding the Kuwaiti citizens in Iraq discovery.

Prescription drugs is booming in Iraq due to the living conditions. A sad situation indeed.

“What about an RV $1.80US to 1 dinar”, an unnamed attendee asks the legendary dinar rv question.

“I don’t give any kind of information like that, I would be doing a dis-service if I gave information like that. I don’t think anything will happen before the election, if anything happens.”, words from the man who has a passion for the dinar and boots on the ground experience in Iraq.

Visit this link to see the actual Iraqi Dinar webinar #2 recorded by American Contractor in Dubai.

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American Contractor ends his Webinar in Dubai will start again in early 2014

December 10th, 2013

Enjoy the 2nd Iraq Dinar webinar from Dubai.

American Contractor ends his Webinar in Dubai will start again in early 2014

American Contractor Nails Down Iraq Dinar in Dubai Webinar

December 4th, 2013

Enjoy the first ever Iraq Dinar webinar from Dubai.

American Contractor Nails Down Iraq Dinar in Dubai Webinar