Dinar Zero Lopping Reports From rferl.org ‘Source’ Not Officially Announced On CBI Site

Dinar Zero Lopping

I’ve been investigating this ’source’ that was observed and reported on a major blog and all I can tell you is who ever wrote the article about zero lopping on the European blog rferl.org is extremely misleading primarily the headline.  Not only that, the article makes no sense.

Yes it is true that smaller denominations will be created by CBI but who ever wrote this article cranked up the crap factor and paid about $200 to $500 to have this Press Release plastered all over the Internet.

It looks like a ploy to scare investors into selling dinar back to the dealers for profits, or, just someone who is not speaking from a position of authority, who don’t know Dinar and current events. Making stuff up for a spicy bull s–t headline.

Lastly, for proof that this is total confusion…

-The CBI connection quoted in the article, the mans name is no where on the Internet

-Why would the CBI create new banknotes with 3 less zeros and make the old notes and the new notes the same exact value, kind of defeats the purpose of creating new notes

-The CBI would have to kiss an RV goodbye as what is described in the article is a DEVALUATION

-There is absolutely no other source on the Internet reporting this information, so they created it.

-If CBI wanted to permit people to carry less banknotes to the bank, as reported in the article, why on earth would CBI create the EXACT SAME amount of notes, but with less zeros. Thats the poorest excuse for a lopping I’ve ever seen. Not even believable.

No need to worry about your Dinar zero lop, it’s not happening. 

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Written by Darren Chabluk for http://DrDinar.com

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  2. NineLives says:


    Nope, I posted that comment yesterday afternoon,…It said it was being moderated (all day & night) and now it has just disappeared completely.

    Gone without anyone having been able to read it.

    Should I re-post it without providing others with the link?
    I wanted to post the link as I had proof to back up what I was posting.

  3. Joe says:

    Just post without the www. just a thought 9

  4. Joe says:

    Darren you got any good news for us today?

  5. stephen says:

    Hi All

    I would like to address this redenom issue with a problem that may accure with this should they do such a thing.

    We all know that the so called 3 zero shave may happen with the current 25000 note being of the same value of the 25 coin, will not work side by side.

    Prove it you ask, ok will.

    Lets say I live in Iraq & yesterday I got wind of this so called shave, what would I do.

    I would take every note I had to the bank & change it into 25iqd coins.
    Then wait for the redom thing & go cash in, why?

    Breakdown, 25000iqd note now is what it is on the tin, 25000 when redom is 25iqd same as coin.
    So if you change all your notes into 25iqd coins before the redom you lose nothing but make a fortune???

    25000 note changed up now before redom gives you 1000 25iqd coins.

    25000 note at redom is 25iqd but you changed it into coins so you still have 25000 but in coins so lets say the note is worth £25 but the coins you had for the same note is now worth $25000, simple.

    We all know the coins are out there in circulation now so this can be done if you live in Iraq, but if you don’t then what ever you have in notes will be redomed, doesn’t matter if its in warka if you got 1 million dinar you will have a 1000 when you cash in so Iraqis are dollars in, investors gone tits up

    The coins are the same design on CBI as in circulation so without stamping the date on it then every retailer checking the dates at sale it will not work

  6. Carla says:

    Hey rumor has it China was told that the Iraq rv has happened? And they were told 1st because that was the deal? Anyone with infromation please post. It was told on stardogger site.

  7. Well as previously stated it isn’t always that easy. One day I will be debt / trouble free, well that’s what I’m hoping!

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