Iraq First Time On IMO White List Since 90′s – Explained

Iraq First Time On IMO White List Since 90′s – Explained

International Maritime Organization or IMO holds the world’s largest and most specialized agency responsible for most of the world’s maritime safety and pollution prevention from ships. This is the United Nations’ way of securing international shipping and global trade of the world’s largest industries among countries. Perhaps, Iraq could at least share the opportunity to engage in this worldwide trade and be legally considered as one of the traders.

Last Thursday February 14, 2013, the International Maritime Organization announced that they are white listing Iraq after the cancellation they made during the early nineties. Lead by maritime sector General, Iraq is now given the privilege to raise its Iraqi flag again on vessels with diplomas awarded by the Arabian Gulf Academy.

Iraqi vessels to raise their flag again

Captain Imran Radi, director of the General Company for Ports even released his statement in an interview, “The delegation visited most institutions and offshore installations to identify the extent of their controls adopted by the organization, the delegation came out positive Bantabaat pave the way for a decision in the near future to include an Iraq within the white list, after the cancellation of the early nineties. Iraq paid to an organization his trust of the debt is a subscription accumulated, also completed more than 60% of the business and the actions that qualify to return to the white list.. the company ports is determined to meet the controls remaining, including the application of the quality system, and the inclusion of e-government system ports.”

Radi knows well that being back on the white list of IMO brings significant benefits for the maritime sector which will include Iraqi vessels raising their national flag during sailing. This is way beyond recognition that diplomas can give. This could mean full recognition and declaration not just to their Arab neighbors but most importantly to the world.

However, is sailing Iraq’s cup of tea?

When the Legal Adviser of the Organization Ouxtan Blanco was interviewed for Alsumaria News he said, “Maritime sector in Iraq gradually develops after exposure to a complete breakdown, Iraq has the ingredients for success and development at sea because it retains the expertise of human large in this area. Iraq expedite, the signing of some international conventions that the organization to enable us to include it on the white list.. the organization supported Iraq in its quest to join the countries classified as white list.”

Well, it seems that Blanco has seen Iraq’s potential in working out for sailing even if it may seem not to be its cup of tea. After all, Iraq is also a nation that needs to keep up with the modern world of trading. Iraq’s maritime sector year now consists of the General Company for Maritime Transport, General Company for oil tankers and the General Company for Ports. It also includes Arabian Gulf Academy and Sciences Research Center Sea. The country has five ports and platforms for mono floating for export of oil and other 5 commercial ports which are known to be the oldest port stronghold in the country located near the city of Basra.

So, what did the Deputy President of the Academy Ahmed Abdul Jabbar said? “The conditions imposed by the organization on Iraq for adoption in the white list include commitment to the Convention of the International criteria for granting certification and training sailors for the year 1978 and its amendments, “adding that” Iraq has already ratified this agreement and its amendments, and in light of this, we expect recognition of academic certificates organization after a few months.”

IMO was founded in 1948 and currently the world’s highly respected and trusted agency in the world of high seas shipping and trade. This has been a well-established agency driven to combat environmental pollution and improve maritime security. Since IMO has seen Iraq as a good trader that can keep up with the fast and competitive ever-growing maritime trade of today, this is good news. DrDinar deems IMO white listing as a major milestone checked off among a list of about half a dozen pending milestones that need attention before a revaluation of the currency; World Trade Organization (WTO) ‘white listing’ so to speak is one of the them.

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